Week Notes 009

A better week with some time off.

The Week

I've got less to say, overall, this week. After the doozy of a week I had last week, I took some advice and took a couple days off. It was nice. I hadn't really taken any time off since Christmas other than the odd day here or there to take of sick kids, so I was definitely due. I worked on a story I'm trying to write and painted a little in the afternoons while my daughter napped. Made some really tasty english muffins, too. The time was pretty nice, and I need to remember to take that time more often than every three months. I'm really looking forward to the warming weather, as I want to do some more plein air painting this year.

For the days I was at work, it still feels like more of the same. I'm trying to find ways to avoid my past mistakes, and keep this team moving towards our goals. We received a challenge to think about how we can strip down the experience, using some out-of-the-box pages from the tool we're using, and really deliver on a full, end-to-end experience that achieves our goals in as little time as possible. And I'll say I think I did a good job of wrangling that and getting the team a path forward. We talked through the scope of the experience we needed to complete. We listed out the things that were already done, and then I lead us through a conversation that focused very narrowly on what we really actually needed to do to meet the challenge we'd been given. And that's something I'm proud of, which is difficult for me to allow myself to admit. I don't think it's a conversation I would have handled as well even 6 or 8 months ago, so I'm pretty happy with how that went. Tomorrow, we'll find out how this went when the rubber met the road, but I did what I could to ensure our success and have to let go of the need to control the actions of others.

I think I'll leave it there. Here's hoping next week will be better.

The Links

  • Guide to Hover and Pointer Media Queries

    I didn't really know this was a thing, so this was fun to learn.

  • Demo of :has() Selector

    Michelle Barker's really cool demo of the new :has() selector. Unfortunately, the full demo only works in Safari. The pen itself is still quite functional in whatever browser you're using.

  • ECMAScript Decorators Proposal

    This seems like it's getting some traction, but it is very much not my jam. Reminds me too much of Java/Spring with all of its annotation-ridden classes. Just my opinion, though. I biased towards functional programming, generally.

  • Locale-aware Sorting in JavaScript

    Quick tip on sorting strings that doesn't make me want to pull my hair out.

  • Linting Rules for Better Async JavaScript

    I thought this had some good ideas. I'm not sure I'd use all of the Node ones much, just because the projects at work tend to use different languages for the back-end.

  • Lines to Content Layout Animation

    Cool demo/tutorial from Codrops blog. I really like big, smooth transitions like this.


And that's it, folks. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back next week. Have a great weekend!