Week Notes 003

Week three, here we go.

The Week

This week has been a lot. Some serious ups followed by a pretty hard down. Monday through Wednesday of this week were the first actually really good days at work I've had for a while. Things on the new team have been rough as we got going, but we pulled together in a productive, collaborative mobbing session. I've also been getting some feedback on my tech lead performance that was affirming and positive, which felt great. And I posted my first article about building my audio visualiser, too, and I received some valuable feedback from coworkers on how I could improve it.

The hard down came when I heard Russia had invaded Ukraine. I didn't -- and still don't -- know how to feel about it. After so many crises and terrible events over the last two years, I'm honestly having trouble processing the whole thing. It's difficult to feel connected to it when everything that's happening is so far away. But, no one should have to live through a warzone, seeing their loved ones and homes and all the artifacts of their daily lives destroyed. Thoughts and prayers feel so inadequate. I condemn the actions of the Russian state and hope the people of Ukraine are able to push out these invaders.

Also, the actions of the state of Texas are unconscionable. Trans people are people, and deserve all the human rights afforded to any other person. This ban should be repealed. I am not an expert on transgender issues, but I don't think it takes one to say people should have the right to live as the person they are and not the experience defined for them at birth. Transgender Education Network of Texas is one organization I saw promoted as good to donate to, so here is the link to their emergency relief found I found on their website: TENT Emergency Relief Fund

In closing, I guess, be good to each other and think about the real actions you can take to help those around you and all those suffering in Ukraine. I looked but am unsure about which organizations are legitimate in donating to that will really be able to help. If you know more, please reach out.

The Links

  • Monorepo Explained

    Cool site about monorepos and a bunch of tools used to make them easy to maintain.

  • Complete Guide to CSS Cascade Layers

    Cascade Layers are a new thing in CSS I don't know very much about, yet. But this write-up by Miriam Suzanne is fantasic, as per-usual.

  • An Introduction to Deno: Is it Better than Node.js?

    Deno is something I've been keeping an eye on since I first watched Ryan Dahl's talk about it a few years ago. I'm not convinced it's worth switching yet, but this article does a great job breaking down the pros and cons.

  • Direct-to-Consumer UX Benchmarks

    The Baymard Institute is a great source of information on all things UX research, and this article was another solid read.

  • JLess

    This last one is a cool CLI that makes JSON explorable and searchable. I probably won't be using this all the time as I just don't need to wade through JSON files terribly often. But, I'm definitely bookmarking it to use when I do.


And that's it, folks. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back next week. Have a great weekend!