Week Notes 002

Alright, it's been another week, so here's another week notes

The Week

The team got a lot done at work this week. Lots of meetings but I'm working on getting out of being the default meeting attender. Gotta delegate that out to people I know I can count on to handle things. Still, lots of good conversations and lots of progress made on putting this team together and getting it really cooking. Even did some mobbing to get everyone up-to-speed on this tech stack we're all fairly unfamiliar with, and that was really successful.

Something I've had on my mind a lot this week is how to build a positive, healthy team culture. I was able to participate in and help build on my last team, but each team is different, so it feels like I'm back at square one with this new team. If you have any stories from teams with good culture or suggestions on things that help build a good culture, tweet them at me, please.s

On the side, I didn't get anything done on my audio visualizer this past week. I've been painting or crashing on the couch with a book or TV. Even with a lighter week at work, still haven't been sleeping the best, so I've been trying to take it easy. Hopefully, I'll be able to work on it this weekend while the kids are napping.

The Links

  • Yes, I Can Connect to a DB in CSS

    This was just some fun, fringe stuff that I thought was cool and funny at the same time. It comes up in the whole "CSS is not a programming language" argument, so I enjoyed this demo that it actually can do that. Not that CSS needs to be able to do that to be a programming language. It just is, no question, database connectsion or no.

  • Using Google Fonts Breaches GDPR

    Europe is really giving Google a kicking, lately. And this IP thing is pretty gross. I need to get rid of the google fonts links on my site after reading this.

  • Sampling Bias and the State of JS Survey

    Stats aren't normally my strong-suit, but this was a fun read. Goes into a lot of the problems with making general statements from non-representative samplings.

  • A11y Project Checklist

    I've heard before that a11y is not a checklist, so I'm getting mixed signals here, but this information is super helpful and presented so well.


And that's it, folks. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back next week. Have a great weekend!